What the Walrus Knows

I just want to express how lovely I think you and your book are… and to share a few anecdotes about your book and your work. I have recently been doing the exercise where you set an intention and then divine four beasties…(the universe helps out incredibly!)- the insights and inspirations, sheer MAGIC! has been happening via these amazing creatures…many thanks for you for not only helping me to pre-member these relationships with the animals, but also to validate that you can be a wacky, eccentric shaman soccer mom and mom and SHINE! You shine so brightly, and from far away via your book and computer, you inspire me and amuse me.

This book is actually practical, despite its Magical Qualities, and I have been able to do the exercises in the book that lead me to very real and tangible wisdom from the Beasties about how to conduct my life. Thank you, Sarah! This book is wonderful!