What the Walrus Knows

I use this app all the time. Sometimes when I’m just a little frustrated or overwhelmed, I’ll “divine” a beastie to offer me a little cheerleading and get me motivated again. All the messages are positive and inspiring – it’s like fortune cookies from the animals! It’s fun to divine a beastie for the year, the month, the week – then choose the advice that most speaks to you. I love it as a way to access my own intuition, and I adore the sounds and the general beauty of this app! (You can turn off the sound if you prefer in the new version.) I also love the journal feature – if I see or divine a beastie that has a message that connects me with my intuition, I’ll often write a little note to remind myself how to “live” that advice in the now. It’s fun to be able to go back and see all this inspiration. It’s also fun at parties – divine beasties for everyone in the group! Mostly, it’s a positive, beautiful app that I return to over and over – I’m often surprised and never disappointed!