Whale whisperer…

My journey towards shamanic healing started at a coaches summit early in 2014 and led me, bit by curious bit, to ending the year off with a powerful shamanic healing session with Sarah as I had always been incredibly drawn to her story and her work. There have been major changes in the way I feel and present myself in the world since her healing session, such as:

No longer feeling totally overwhelmed by life and responsibilities (I receive compliments practically every day on how fresh and invigorated I look)

No longer feeling that I am constantly swimming upstream (fantastic especially if you are not a salmon)

In a very short space of time I  could start making tangible changes to my life (before I could never quite get there no matter how I tried)

My connection to nature and my animal spirit deepened (and I was gifted out of the blue with an opportunity to visit my spirit animal more than 800km away– how cool is that!)

I feel more grounded and connected – in fact I have never felt this way. Even though I was always “doing the work” towards healing

My connection to the divine realm / spirit world has grown – I no longer experience the sense of isolation that I did before.

So in short, all I can share with you is my own humble experience. I consider myself very self-actualised actually – a PhD in personal development and healing. But nothing has come close to this experience. In short, if you want things to stay the same – don’t work with Sarah. Cos if you do, things will never quite be the same.

Whale-whisperer extraordinaire