Thanks – huge – for lighting that spark!!!

“I’ve been looking forward to finding a way to work with you for a little while now; I’m so drawn to your quirkiness and ability to just be who you are (Dammit!). This course really showcased that, and in so doing, allowed me to open up more to the possibility that maybe that really is ok for me too. If you spent your days in the professional capacity of “Doctor”, well… that doesn’t seem all that far removed of my professional capacity as someone in Information Technology. Maybe I can do this AND also wear the long, flowy, boho skirts and accessories that I so dig. Maybe I can do that and speak openly about all the woo-woo things that I love and feel a connection with. Maybe… (gasp!)… maybe I can even find a way into something I actually love – and get out of IT all together? This course gave me practical things to do to learn to follow my feel good… and to open up possibilities. I feel like I’m remembering someone that I didn’t consciously realize I’d forgotten. Thanks – huge – for lighting that spark!!! Hugs of appreciation!”