THANK YOU! You did a splendid job with this book, allowing us readers to look into our own lives in a whole new perspective. You go on a journey in your mind first as you read and then begin to find yourself immersed in that same journey each and every day of your life. Nature is an amazing gift that is here for us to enjoy, sometimes you just need to let yourself go and really take it all in. Sarah lays out a unique path for people to do just that with different ways of connecting with the Beasties of this earth, embracing your potential fears and taking them head on. “What the Walrus Knows” can be enjoyed by everyone, no matter what your beliefs are- there is something for everyone! Thank you so much for sharing this masterpiece with us all. Do read this book if you have not already- it will enlighten your life and put a little spark on your bookshelf after you are finished. 🙂