Perfect guide for me.

Sarah was the perfect guide for me at the perfect time. My mom had recently died and I was starting to study shamanism and trying to figure out how to incorporate the more spiritual aspect of my work with my traditional life and business coaching practice. In our first session, Sarah helped me connect with powerful and wise Beatrice, a gorgeous black puma, who I now know is one of my core beasties in my shamanic work with clients. She really helped me to understand that when I integrate Spirit in everything that I do, I can’t be misled. Soon, my intuitive coaching business began to flow easily and the mystical experiences are so magical and fun for all, it’s such a delight to do this work. The other gift that I got from working with Sarah was her encouragement to hire a developmental editor to get my writing into the world. As a result, I have published my first book and have written the second one and hope to publish it soon, as well! Thank you, Sarah, for being such a bright light and gifted healer!

Elizabeth Barbour, Intuitive Life & Business Coach, Author, Speaker (add hyperlink yo her site!)


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