Engaging in transformative relationships….with the beasties

Sarah Bamford Seidelmann has written a lovely jewel of a guide to finding meaning, guidance and joy through simply paying attention to the animals, or beasties, that appear in our lives. With the spirit of “take what you want and leave the rest” the book walks through the many ways animals can come to be significant signs and guides, or simply bring us more opportunity to practice present moment awareness of our surroundings. The book discusses animals that may show up for us both temporarily and totem animals whose energies may be with us throughout our lifetimes. There are also many practical tools and ideas for incorporating the wisdom of the beasties into our lives, as well as a gorgeous reference section that poetically shares the messages that each animal may bring to us. This book is a guide, a reference and a work of art. Highly recommended for anyone interested in cultivating self-awareness, appreciation and/or a deeper connection with the natural world.