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What The Walrus Knows, Sarah Bamford Seidelmann (Paperback)

What The Walrus Knows [Paperback] Sarah Bamford Seidelmann (Author)

The ancients knew something exciting: We’re all connected. This includes humans and animals.

Beasties show up in your life every day – each one carrying a message tailor-made just for you. A message brought by a Beastie may be about beauty or family or work. It might make you smile. It might offer you guidance on a prickly problem. Often, the message is powerful. Connecting with Beasties messages can open the door to an amazing life. Are you skeptical? That’s okay. This work and this book are perfect for skeptics. You can play around and judge for yourself, based on the results you get. How do you get messages from Beasties? Do you have to go live out in the woods? Nope. Beasties and their helpful messages will come to you wherever you are. All you need to do is tune in. It can change everything. Curious about how? Open the book and dig in.

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THANK YOU! You did a splendid job with this book, allowing us readers to look into our own lives in a whole new perspective. You go on a journey in your mind first as you read and then begin to find yourself immersed in that same journey each and every day of your life. Nature is an amazing gift that is here for us to enjoy, sometimes you just need to let yourself go and really take it all in. Sarah lays out a unique path for people to do just that with different ways of connecting with the Beasties of this earth, embracing your potential fears and taking them head on. "What the Walrus Knows" can be enjoyed by everyone, no matter what your beliefs are- there is something for everyone! Thank you so much for sharing this masterpiece with us all. Do read this book if you have not already- it will enlighten your life and put a little spark on your bookshelf after you are finished. 🙂

Meghan Fordice
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All Creatures Great and Small

Sarah Seidelmann's book is all things bright and beautiful about all creatures, or beasties, great and small. I loved that hymn when I was little because it was about animals (to my mind) and it is that same happiness that bubbles up when I read her book: What the Walrus Knows. The book makes me smile, it changes the way I am in the world and it absolutely brings all sorts of wonderful beasts out to play with me. Its the kind of book that inspires sparkling conversation about the orca whale in your dreams, the mouse on the train platform, and the urban fox at your window every evening. In short, it is a liberal splash of joy and passion from a brave and creative soul who wants us to experience the wisdom that all the life around us has to offer.

Janet Jones (London, United Kingdom)
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Adding Nature Back To Life

Across the world earplugs close us off from nature while we focus on 'getting it done'. The Seidelmann book lead me to find my hummingbird self, notice my energy and my attractions in nature and a personal need to hover and linger over waterfalls, spiderwebs, frogs and moths. Oh, and, for me, humans are the most interesting of creatures. I'll be looking for your next book.

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Perfect Intro Guide to the Beasties

What the Walrus Knows is the perfect introduction for those just starting to get to know and experience the beasties. The book is divided into two sections: the guide and the manifestos. The guide covers each aspect that I would look for an introduction guide to cover: what are beasties, why it's important, type of beasties, how to discover and communicate with your core beasties, exercises to practice with and resources. The manifestos are beautiful and provide a wonderful overview into the personalities and messages of the beasties highlighted. Overall, the book is very well written and the illustrations are gorgeous. They give off a very old school Alice in Wonderland feel. I find myself coming back to this book frequently. Wonderful reference and introductory guide.

Beatriz Alemar (Weston, FL United States)
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I bought this book as Christmas gifts I loved it SO much!

I love Sarah's perspective on how the animals inspire us to live on purpose. Her depiction of Alice the Elephant is the best totem description I've ever read! I had a dream about an elephant, than looked it up in this book and bingo. Hit the nail on the head with what I was going through. This is a great reference book and one that can be read to the kids over and over.

Sarah in person is just as sweet, kind, salty and fun as she is in the book. She truly cares about humanity and genuinely gives with her heart so openly. I am blessed to have met her in person a few times. Thanks Sarah for writing this amazingly uplifting and inspiring book that's a read for the entire family!

Kimberly Dawn "Simply Engaging Websites" (Sedona AZ, US)
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This Book is a Gift to the Soul!

More than just a reference book of animal totems, Sarah's book is a magical connection to journeying with the animal kingdom! I've always had an interest in animal totems and messages from the wild world, but her book, and her work, finally brought it all together. This book taught me how to have a personal connection with my "core beastie" as she puts it, and how to understand what's happening energetically when a wild messenger crosses my path. Her book not only teaches the symbolism of the residents of the wild kingdom, she teaches how to understand your personal unique path relating to animal totems, and how interpret it on your own when you don't have her guidebook handy. Novice or expert with animal totems or shamanism, this is a must have book for your library, to be opened again and again!

Mary Ellen Telesha
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What the Walrus Knows

I just want to express how lovely I think you and your book are... and to share a few anecdotes about your book and your work. I have recently been doing the exercise where you set an intention and then divine four beasties...(the universe helps out incredibly!)- the insights and inspirations, sheer MAGIC! has been happening via these amazing creatures...many thanks for you for not only helping me to pre-member these relationships with the animals, but also to validate that you can be a wacky, eccentric shaman soccer mom and mom and SHINE! You shine so brightly, and from far away via your book and computer, you inspire me and amuse me.

This book is actually practical, despite its Magical Qualities, and I have been able to do the exercises in the book that lead me to very real and tangible wisdom from the Beasties about how to conduct my life. Thank you, Sarah! This book is wonderful!

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Find your truth in nature

I LOVE this book! This book is for you if you love nature and you've always wondered what animal totems are about, but think it might be too woo-woo to go there. Sarah presents a fun plan for how to get in touch with the natural world (sometimes without even leaving your tv set) and find out what the natural world is telling you about your life. Got a big decision? Maybe your core beastie is trying to tell you something about it. Since I've discovered my beastie, amazing things have happened in my life - to the point that I've stopped keeping track of all the rabbits that seem to pop up. This would be an awesome Christmas gift for anyone with a sense of humor and a willingness to try something new and fun. Go buy this book!

Janelle Holden
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If we could talk to the animals...

What the Walrus Knows is the guide you need to begin to figure it all out. Sarah leads you through all sorts of cultural beliefs and lore, sprinkles in beautiful quotes by a wide variety of authors, and tells her own remarkable journey to this magical world of the Beasties. All of this can be a little out there for some of us, and Sarah gently takes your hand, makes it logical and applicable to "real life" and tells stories that illustrate her points in a really wonderful way. She gives step by step guides to connecting with the wisdom in nature, and there are pages and pages of insights on particular animals. There is a great resource guide, should you want to explore any of these areas in depth - this could be hugely helpful and will, at the very least, be a whole lot of fun - a great way to open your mind to all sorts of wonderful!

Christa (Chicago, Illinois)
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The Walrus is so wise -- and so is Sarah Seidelmann

In one word: revealing. There is so much wisdom to be gleamed from Sarah's book as for the presence of animals in our lives. Seidelmann does an amazing job at teaching materials in such a fun, enlightening, wise manner as to entice the reader into reading "just one more page" before resuming to normal life and chores. I myself read this book in a night as I could not put it down. For anyone contemplating an investment into "Walrus and Beastie Wisdom", please do yourself a favor and BUY THIS BOOK NOW! Apart from any of the book's practical facts of beastie wisdom, the art alone is crazy, phenomenal eye candy for the reader. This book would make the perfect stocking stuffer for anyone in your life from your Grandfather who goes for long walks in the woods to your 9-year-old daughter who cherishes her stuffed animal collection. The bottom line -- animals have so much to teach us through the many messages they whisper. We people in Modern Society have tuned out and undermined spirited animal wisdom that cultures all over the world have cherished for centuries, this book will hopefully change that. Walrus wisdom is back, baby!! Get "What the Walrus Knows: An Eccentric's Guide to Working with Beastie Energies" today, you won't be disappointed, plus we won't have to sic the lions on you, after all. 😀

Kari Hazzard
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This Book Just Rocks!

Sarah Seidelmann has hit a 'home-run' with this book. Eloquently written, finely crafted, and with a graphical theme that captivates the mind.

Each one of us is unique--born with an array of talent and potential. The choice becomes whether to link our minds with the beauty around us or cower under a protective shell. I prefer the former. I want to interface with people who motivate me to become a better person. And conversely, I want to do the same with others. The greatest wonder of linking to the minds of others is that life becomes a fanfare. Sarah shows us how by harnessing the Beasties of many flavors, we're soon be able to taste ours.

That's downright awesome!

Specifically, `Beastie' refers to taking on the attributes of any insect, reptile, bird, mammal, that has ever existed, from salmon to wooly mammoths to dragonflies.

The book's primal message? To learn appreciation, intention, and what we can do to bolster the law of attraction. That is, to pause each day to--as she says--Follow Your Feel Good. Upon doing so, you'll discover a richness about yourself and those around you that has been missed. And... you'll relish in the shared state of positive feelings, cohesion, and a higher state of mind than you ever imagined.

So...are you ready to discover the Beastie who resides within you? It all starts with turning the first page.

Buy this book and you'll start feeling good--all over!

Bravo Sarah!

John Moser
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A beautiful book with a powerful message

What a great read! If you are ready to open your heart and mind to different ways of connecting with yourself and the world around you, you will love "What the Walrus Knows". Sarah Seidelmann has a fresh, energetic and different approach to helping us learn what the Beasties in our life can tell us. She takes the topic of Beasties -- one that is "out there" for many (including me) and uses examples that make them feel relevant and useful. In the book, Sarah says: "Please remember that in the great web of life each Beastie is perfectly designed to serve its unique purpose - just as you're designed to do. Often, it's what we don't understand that we fear or dismiss." If you open your mind and your heart to the message of this book, Sarah's words can help you understand the role of Beasties in your life. You may start reading with skepticism, but by the time you finish, you'll be a believer.

Sarah is a doctor and a life coach and some life coaching techniques are included in the book -- creating a vision board for your Beastie is one example. One of the best exercises she explains in the book is the practice of "Forest Bathing" -- which is all about connecting with nature and with Beasties. You'll also find a nice collection of "Beastie Manifestos" -- a way to begin to learn about what the Beasties can help us learn. If you like Randall's Honey Badger You Tube video, you'll LOVE Sara's Honey Badger Manifesto, which she dedicates to Randall.

"What the Walrus Knows" would also make a great gift for someone who is ready to learn all about themselves through the Beasties that appear in their lives. The cover is gorgeous and the illustrations inside are wonderful! It will definitely be a fun and informational read.

Rebecca Drinnen (Ohio)
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Bring on the Beasties!

Sarah Seidelmann's book on Beastie Energies was fascinating. She made getting to know the power and presence of animals in your life easy and fun. I couldn't put her book down. Gift yourself this book and enjoy the adventure she takes you on! Easy to read, freakin' fascinating and gorgeous to hold in your hands. Seriously delicious, loaded with so much stuff I never knew (and her awesome humor). I could go on and on but I won't, I want you to experience it for yourself!

Jennifer Trulson "lovin'life~bein'me" (Bellevue, WA)
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Simply Marvelous

I love how Sarah has blended the whimsical with the practical. A great introduction to the world of Animal Spirits and Shamanism! Even if you're familiar with Shamanism and Animal Guides, Sarah gets the thought process rolling on how to get more involved in a personal way. 'What the Walrus Knows' is one of those books you will want to revisit no matter your aptitude! Easy and fun for beginners, deep info for those more experienced. As always, Sarah brings forth her knowledge in ways that entertain without being 'fluffy'. No fluff here! Buy it! Read it! Smile! Learn!

Annette B. Pedersen "Annette Pedersen"
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Where the Inner Child and Outer Adult Meet

This is definitely one of those books that reminds you that who you were at your happiest child age is your core personality. I have read all of the lovely reviews & agree with every kind word. So in the spirit of not repeating too many of them... Here goes...

Many times my adult girl friends & I have said, "I just wish that there were some pictures. Nothing that takes over the book, but small pictures that compliment what the words are saying.... Just because we are adults, doesn't mean that we have stopped loving pictures." Sarah and her wonderfully chosen artist understand this as well.

There are books that you read & think, that was refreshing; well-written; by no means a waste of time. - I wonder who I know that I should pass it onto. This is not one of those books. You'll never see my copy on an auction site or here on Amazon in the used section - because I LOVE every charming page of it. It will be forever mine, until I leave this earth & then (& only then) will someone I love very deeply get to have my copy. So do yourself a favor and purchase your very own copy of What the Walrus Knows. Purchase it as a reference book, a self-discovery book, a reconnect to spirit book, a gift to an adult animal lover - but purchase it. Then grab your favorite pen & hot beverage while you fall in love with Sarah & her Beasties.... You'll thank me, but you'll never get my copy. '

Michwa's Warehouse
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A "field guide" to soothe and heal the soul.

This book is a real treasure. Fun, quirky, transformative, powerful and profound--it is for everyone who needs a little healing, joy, connection with nature, a break from the cacophony of our times. Whether you're out in nature or in a crowded city, on a healing journey or simply looking for a deeper life experience, this little book offers a wonderful way of connecting with the natural world, and with our own inner wisdom, through the energy of "beasties". Sarah Seidelmann's unique creative genius has crafted a wise and wonderful transformational tool, suitable for everyone!

Barbara Swift
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Engaging in transformative relationships....with the beasties

Sarah Bamford Seidelmann has written a lovely jewel of a guide to finding meaning, guidance and joy through simply paying attention to the animals, or beasties, that appear in our lives. With the spirit of "take what you want and leave the rest" the book walks through the many ways animals can come to be significant signs and guides, or simply bring us more opportunity to practice present moment awareness of our surroundings. The book discusses animals that may show up for us both temporarily and totem animals whose energies may be with us throughout our lifetimes. There are also many practical tools and ideas for incorporating the wisdom of the beasties into our lives, as well as a gorgeous reference section that poetically shares the messages that each animal may bring to us. This book is a guide, a reference and a work of art. Highly recommended for anyone interested in cultivating self-awareness, appreciation and/or a deeper connection with the natural world.

Lesley Cross "Euphoria Life Design Studio"
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A Powerful Guide to Animal Wisdom and your own Inner Truth

Sarah Bamford-Seidelmann has created a guide that inspires getting out in nature and interacting with the "beasties" to uncover your own unique nature connection. The book is written with wit, clarity, curiosity and so much joy- it is a treasure. It contains exercises, ways to access your own inner wisdom and poetic messages from the animal realm. Anyone who wants to deep their relationship to nature or to find their way back outside can utilize this beautiful volume. It has incredible art work and additonal information that becomes more meaningful each time you open it. It is a book I will recommend to my clients and will enjoy for years to come.

Judith A. Keating "Life Coach, NR Facilitator"
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What the Washontonian Knows

Thank you Sarah for this treasure. Being a person already in love with life on earth, it is a pleasure to go the next step and start listening to the gifts of the Beasties with new ears, new eyes, new heart. And how spot on! You have managed to capture Animal Medicine in a very accessible, relatable way, as if they came and whispered their secrets/lessons/wisdom sweetly in your ear. It seems to me you are a keen observer, in close relationship with nature and an excellent 'spokeswoman' to share the creatures messages/gifts/insights with us. Thank you for having the sagacity to hear your calling to this work, the courage to pen it, the energy and fortitude to ROCK IT and the tenacity to bestow it upon us. This is a handy dandy I will keep with me always. The pages will become lovingly worn with use. I will share with all my friends and I will be grateful for having it. This book will help me expand my working relationship with the animals in connection to myself, what a blessing. I will become a collector of your future volumes! Great job.

Deanna M. Turner "Bearwomyn"
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