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Swimming with Elephants: Coming to Bookstores and Online October 1, 2017


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Coming from Conari Press on October 1 2017:
After two decades in the study and practice of medicine, Sarah Seidelmann took a three-month sabbatical to search for a way to FEEL GOOD again. Having witnessed human suffering early in her career, and within her own family, she longed for a way to address more than just the physical needs of her patients and to live in a lighter, more conscious way. Swimming with Elephants tells the eccentric, sometimes poignant, and occasionally hilarious experience of a working mother and wife undergoing a bewildering vocational shift from physician to shamanic healer. During that tumultuous period of answering her call, she met an elephant who would become an important companion on her journey, had bones thrown for her by a shaman in South Africa, danced with sacred stones, and traveled to India for an ancient Hindu pilgrimage, where she received the blessing she had been longing for. Ultimately, she discovers an entirely different kind of healing, one that enables her to help those who are suffering in the way she had always aspired to.

Advanced praise for Swimming with Elephants: My Unexpected Pilgrimage from Physician to Healer

“This is a fascinating, amusing, and wise account of how someone born with a shaman’s predilections, raised in a rationalist culture, finds her way back to her true self.”
~Martha Beck, New York Times bestselling author of Expecting Adam

“This is an exceedingly vulnerable, beautifully written book and the most genuine spiritual memoirs I have ever read.  It is also- in many hilarious moments- laugh out loud funny.”   -Maria Bamford, Comedian and star of Netflix Original Series Lady Dynamite

“Swimming with Elephants is an entertaining and moving front row seat in the drama that unfolds when a western trained -physician does the work required to  become a  true healer. “ -Christiane Northrup, MD NY times bestselling author of Goddesses Never Age

“Sarah Bamford Seidelmann has amassed heaps of wisdom in her courageous leap from the safe realm of medical science into the unknown – the world of spirit. In this incredibly honest and compassionate memoir, you feel as though you’re soaking in her courage and wisdom on every page. Even better, you do so laughing.”    -Jaimal Yogis, Author of Saltwater Buddha and All Waves are Water

Sarah Seidelmann has written a glittering, honest account of what it means to search and also to find. If you are a dreamer, or an overworked parent, if you are someone who recognizes the magic in animals or wonders what it would be like to make a truly bold choice even if you are halfway down your life’s path, please pick up this beautiful book. – Sara Corbett, Author of A House in the Sky

“From the lakes of Minnesota to the Ganges River in India, Sarah Seidelmann’s transformative journey from MD to shamanistic healer is a refreshingly honest and very funny tale of spiritual growth.” -Matt Adrian, author of The Guide to Troubled Birds

“I LOVED THIS BOOK. Sarah takes us on an intimate tour of the hero’s journey. She’s a brilliant storyteller…making sense of the baffling journey from the ordinary world into the mystical and back again. I didn’t want it to end.” -MeiMei Fox, New York Times bestselling author 

From the LA TIMES:  Maria Bamford’s Favorite Self-Help Books…

“Swimming With Elephants” by Sarah Seidelmann (Red Wheel Press, coming in 2017)

This is my sister’s latest book. It’s her story — a memoir about reinvention. She was a pathologist for about 15 years, lived in Duluth, Minn., bought a giant house and had four children… She was kind of a super-doer. She slowly started going part time and eventually transformed herself into a life coach and a practitioner of shamanic healing. It’s very brave. In L.A. it’s OK to do something like that, but where she lives it’s a risky choice. She has two other books, “Born to Freak” and “What the Walrus Knows,” both self-published. For this one she got a book deal. She’s really funny. In one of my favorite scenes there’s the chaos of their home — a giant kitchen remodel — and she’s lying in her bathroom thinking, “What am I doing? What’s going on?” She went to Thailand and swam with elephants. That’s where the title comes from. She used to be a very logical person and now she has a spiritual guide. It’s very inspiring to me.



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