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Confusion Called and I Answered with Stillness

September 3, 2020

Prayer for the Dying Travel lightly. Take only the blessings. There will still be singing. Everyone leaves things undone. All of it is forgiven. Your body knows what to do, the same as when you were born. You will be loved and remembered. You are held in the great web. It’s ok that this wasn’t supposed to happen. We are all learning. You did enough…

Advice for Those Who Want to Write (or Paint or Create or Work -Out) But, Aren’t.

August 18, 2020

This weekend I treated myself to an online writing course with Anne Lamott.  She is my Beyonce.  I was reminded by her dog snoring on her lap and her radical honesty that complex problems often have simple solutions.  Her advice for those who want to write, but can’t seem to get started was extremely simple. She told the story about how many women began coming…

Instructions for a Miracle

July 29, 2020

(my office garden!) Dear creators of WONDER and MAGIC- Last summer I happened to wander to the front of my office building and noticed my garden was a beautiful explosion of color and I was WONDERSTRUCK by its glory. Two years ago, I had planted this barren area.  The day I planted it, I was feeling doubt….how could I create…or maintain such a garden?  I’m…

It Is Our Stories That Teach Us

June 4, 2020

Hello dear creators of WONDER and MAGIC- It is our stories that teach us. My friend Shannon’s daughter is in the photo above holding a baby quail.  Their family is one of my favorites in our community.  Shannon is a gifted naturopathic physician and her husband Charles is a psychotherapist and community leader. One winter, Shannon told me how Charles, who is black, got stopped three times by…

FAQ: Shamanic Journeying

May 18, 2020

Hello!!  I teach people how to connect directly with the divine using the tool of shamanic journeying. This is a form of deep meditation. I use a specialized drum beat (4 beats per second) to help you alter your consciousness so that you can access these spiritual realms filled with loving and compassionate spirits. You may meet a spirit animal or a spirit teacher in…