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Take Yourself on a Mini-Pilgrimage and More

August 16, 2022

Phew! This last week has felt INTENSE!  The astrologers say there is A LOT going on right now in the sky, so it’s a good idea to TAKE IT EASY with ourselves. The full moon is on Thursday-always a good day to be gentle with yoursel, take stock of all of your blessings and release what no longer serves. Here are some FEEL GOOD ideas that…

All About NEAT and Other Things You Need to Know…

August 8, 2022

(All about #boundaries– a piece from my Project- “My Summer of No: 100 Days of Self-Respecting Boundaries” ) Oooo there were SO MANY good ideas I ran across this week-  it was hard to choose just 6!  But, here goes…. 1. ALL about NEAT:  I am a huge fan of Bright Line Eating  (a movement for food addicts to recover and become happy, thin and free)  I…

My Stone Lamb of Shame

July 26, 2022

Hello dear creators of wonder and beauty! I’m living with two competing beings inside of me…one is a HIPPIE MAGPIE- attracted to all things beautiful, shiny and colorful…she’s the one that loves flea markets and interacting with artists to ask them about (and sometimes acquire) their work.  Then I have this OTHER lady in me who longs for SIMPLICITY (lets call her “Sacred Marie”)…she longs…

This Week’s FEEL GOOD List of Things to Explore

July 1, 2022

Dear Creators of WONDER and MAGIC- I just returned from 4 days in the Boundary Waters Wilderness with three friends and WOW…to be so close to the earth was so spectacular.  I experienced so much gratitude and was reminded that, for me, experiencing spontaneous deep gratitude is a symptom of excellent spiritual fitness. The good news is that if you aren’t feeling grateful, looking for things…

Two Way Prayer + Other FEEL GOOD Ideas

April 26, 2022

This week’s FEEL GOOD list! 1.  I used Two Way Prayer this week to help myself find my way on something that felt stuck!. It comes from a 12 step meeting–but its not just for recovering addicts!  I think this sort of prayer could make a great 100 day project for me…or maybe even YOU?  2. This is the Wendell Barry poem that rocked my world this…