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My New Book! “What The Walrus Knows”

What The Walrus Knows [Paperback] Sarah Bamford Seidelmann (Author)

What The Walrus Knows [Paperback] Sarah Bamford Seidelmann (Author)

MY NEW BOOK –  now available at AMAZON or Barnes and Noble.com  …PLEASE Demand it (gently & non-violently, of course) at your local library or  indie bookstore:)  I hope you LOVE it!

Walrus Turns Physician into Author

November 2011 | What the Walrus Knows, by author Sarah Seidelmann, invites readers to join in the fun of exploring why certain animals show up in our lives, and what messages these animals may be trying to share with us in their teachings. Written in a quirky and delightful style, the book serves as an introduction to the ancient practice of animal totems, which she refers to as ‘Beasties’. Sarah shares tools which allow readers to begin examining the intuitive world of animal messages, and how appearances by Beasties can offer important information.

As a fourth generation physician, Seidelmann was living a nature-starved, hectic lifestyle when an unlikely walrus entered her life, changing every-thing. Through paying attention to the ancient practice of animal spirits and the traits associated with the walrus, Sarah found the strength and courage to take a sabbatical from her practice as a physician and spent six months in nature, reflecting upon her heart’s desires. She decided to leave her medical practice to become a coach, speaker and author.

Seidelmann asserts that there are messages trying to come into your life through the animals that show up in it. Regardless of where one lives, be it the city or country, by tuning into animal totems and working with the messages they bring forth, you can transform your life. In her charming book, What the Walrus Knows, Sarah decodes animal mysticism and offers up a valuable resource guide to Beasties.

Sarah Seidelmann was trained as a coach by “O Magazine”-famed Martha Beck, and is committed to doing transformational work with clients which allows them to live joy filled lives. She is the creator of FollowYourFeelGood.com and co-creator of the podcast SquirrelRadio. She lives with her husband and four children in a city along the shores of Lake Superior.

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