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What if?

I want to pique people’s interest in the Natural world as a way of reconnecting them to their own magnificence. This is an amalgamation of Shamanism, quantum physics and the idea of living in right relationship with all we can live out ENORMOUSLY great lives. I am a speaker and Coach . I enjoy using film as a medium to express and evoke feelings/moods. Thanks for watching.

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  • arnie rome 27 Nov, 9:21 am

    I grew up with Joel Rosenthal. In 2010 I called him and visited him at Point of View Farm as you did.. I still call him once in a while to check on his well-being and his current animal census. He does lead a beautiful existence, and really doesn’t care much for people. When I retired in2008 I stumbled iinto working for an animal rescue where I care for cats up for adoption at petsmart. truly feel blessed in doing what I do every day, much like Joel feels.

    • Sarah Seidelmann 19 Jan, 4:42 pm

      I am so glad you’ve found your calling– as Joel has found his:) The Beasties need our protection and care.

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