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What Are the Conditions for a Miracle?

Hello creators of WONDER and M A G I C!

I’ve been thinking about miracles lately….and the CONDITIONS that make them possible.   I think it’s powerful to practice LOOKING for evidence of miracles in your life.  The sunrise above was one such moment–I recognized it….

the more you “see”  the more fun it gets….

I was talking to a client the other day who had a powerful vision of red glittering snakes (details changed to protect her privacy) and when my opened my laptop after she walked out of my office door-  what should appear first on my screen on Facebook-  you got it – red glittering snakes…how crazy is that – what are the odds?

6 billion to 1 I’d have to guess.

Odd synchronicities like those red glittering snakes remind me of MAGIC and miracles….when they arrive it feels like a signal that I’m (we) are in harmony with the Universe.

If you are wanting more miracles in your own life-  I have something for you to check out.  I’m participating in this amazing Gift Giveaway with dozens of leaders that support women entrepreneurs to grow their business, make more money, experience more love in their life….

+ cultivate a more joyful, WHOLHEARTED life.

All you have to do is sign up and you can select any of the 35+ amazing gifts worth thousands of dollars.

This Giveaway was built with love to support women to live up to their potential.
It EXCITES me- because….

…what is POSSIBLE if we are each living up to our potential??:)

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Speaking of living up to our potential- I was blown away by Beyonce’s new video “Formation” (watch it here)….as I watch it it strikes me:  she is standing in her FULL POWER.  No apologies– turning traditional rap narratives about women on their heads.

Embracing her ancestors….her beauty…her love of life.

Letting her voice be heard in her own unique way.

The video is also encoded with instructions-  yes we have to dream (Martin Luther King!)…but we also need to get out of bed each day and SLAY…work hard and with passion towards what matters most to us.  When we do that….we TOO are STANDING IN OUR POWER.
When have you stood in your power in the past?  How did you do it?

What did you need first so you could get there?

If you aren’t feeling up to SLAYING these days but, you yearn to-  shamanic healing may be helpful.  Or maybe you are yearning to SLAY but keep stumbling into obstacles on your path…coaching may be helpful.

There is nothing more powerful than committing to yourself and having an aly.

With BIG LOVE, Sarah

P.S. You can book an appointment for a shamanic healing, consultation or get started coaching right here.

Also for local Minnesotans…
I’m also teaching an introduction to shamanic journeying in March and an advanced Course in February. I would LOVE to see you there!

P.S.  If you are part of Martha Beck’s Tribe  and will be in Austin TX for the Wayfinder’s event–  come play with me in the morning before the BIG event starts-  we will be diving into shamanic journeying and seeking answers to our deepest questions.  The event I’m hosting in conjunction with Martha’s is HERE.  

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Discover your core Beastie and get TIPS to feel good from an Elephant here!!

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