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Unleashing the Feng Schwing: How to Shift Your Home to Change Your Life…

Sometimes home no longer FEELS GOOD.    We start to get an inkling that things need to shift.  Paying attention to those subtle new desires is good.  Your home is truly a metaphor of your life and as you shift your home-  so shifts your life:)   I started having that feeling in February.  Things felt heavy and cluttered.   It was time for things to change.  I was longing for less formality and for more creativity that was child like and free.  It’s my belief that every  single object in your home has a spirit.  I carefully went through and weeded things out that no longer felt beautiful or useful to me anymore.  I sold a few things and blessed the rest and released them to Goodwill where they will hopefully find somebody who needs and adores them.  We took down the curtain rods to let the light stream in.  We “Tom Sawyer whitewashed” the walls.  I added in some artwork from my kids, and  some fun spring branches that we covered in watercolor butterflies we made.  Now it feels more like where we are headed–towards a life that is beautiful, simple, personal and full of light.  What changes are you yearning for and how could you easily shift your surroundings to reflect that new spark that wants to be ignited?  Let me know what changes you made and how they made you FEEL?  ~Sarah





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