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It Works! Testimonials About Sarah

Beastie Friends...

Ever since taking Sarah's The Stoked Life class, I've looked at nature and my fellow creatures little differently.  Sarah's work prompted me to reconnect with the natural world and wonder what the hummingbird, my tree, rabbits on the lawns, and the coyote who comes trotting through the garden early morning, might want me to know.  Her What the Walrus Knows has become a reference guide that never fails to light me up when I look up messages from my beastie friends. It's so wonderful to hear her wisdom and know that the bond I've always felt with nature and animals actually has very powerful messages for me.  Thank You for all the joy and fun you've helped me rediscover, Sarah!  Maryna Smutts

35 year old female physician

Working with Sarah was truly a transformative experience, with effects that have endured far beyond the sessions. I refer to lessons learned with Sarah on a nearly daily basis. First of all, Sarah provides a warm, non-judgmental atmosphere, allowing for full expression of ideas, emotions, fears, concerns, anxieties...Lessons learned from sessions with Sarah: establishing boundaries, and disengaging from negative people...how to truly enjoy yourself, and be who you are...how to enjoy others...getting rid of physical shackles...getting rid of things you might think are obligations, but are not, but rather are unnecessary shackles ....successfully challenging and overcoming firmly held negative beliefs.....using imagery to mentally overcome negative memories....seeing the positive in life.  Having a positive and healthy attitude to attain the things you want....how to Know what makes you happy - how to feel it - then act to get it.

- 35 year old physician

Sarah is a one of a kind healer

Sarah is a one of a kind healer -- 100 percent authentic, incredibly wise, a gifted and intuitive healer -- oh and hysterically funny. Hiring her as a coach and spending time with her as a participant in Jazz the Glass put me back in touch with some very sacred parts of myself that I had unconsciously been neglecting. Rekindling my passion for laughter, joy and adventure has transformed by business and my relationships. Leading by example, she has inspired me to be 100 percent myself and now I'm teaching other healers to do the same! I am truly grateful to her.

Amy Pearson


Another healing client:

Since our session, I picked wildflowers and put them in a vase in my room. Today I printed a photo of sparkly natural rose quartz and leaned it against the vase.  Out of the blue, as a surprise gift, a good friend of mine sent me 350 Euros (about $475).  I bid $45/hr on a job for that same friend and she wrote back and said that’s too low – she wants to pay me $75/hr.  The first beta reader for my novel told me she didn’t want to finish it because she didn’t want it to be over. Today she told me she’s already reading it again, starting from the beginning.  Just … wow.

From Simple Shui:

last summer + me. poolside. and i couldn’t put her book down. i was drinking in the rays and alice the elephant. her advice to ruffle feathers, own your point of view, and walk through the doors that feel like LOVE…well, it soaked straight to the bone. after i gulped every single word, i was on her site wondering how to get more. the universe is such a flirt. she orchestrated life so our paths would cross organically. and without hesitation, i did some personal work with sarah. and, then, to my dazzling surprise, sarah introduced simple shui to her tribe. check it out here. but more importantly, if you are willing to see just how good things can get for you, WORK WITH HER. she slays dragons, sees your awesome elephant power, and attunes you to joyful impulses. she will pretty much blow your mind. so, why wait, right?

You were born for greatness.

Sarah has this irrepressible spirit that just bubbles out of her. Being with her is inspiring, uplifting and helps you download on a cellular level that you were born for greatness.

Martha Beck, author, coach and columnist for
Martha Beck Inc

New Moon

"On the new moon you gave a heads up about, my husband and I sat down and made a plan for me to finish up my engineering work and start in on my next phase. It was an awesome meeting. We had a bit of cash that wasn't totally covered in the monthly budget, but it was close enough that we still thought we could do it. So, we put the intention out there that this was our joint plan. Today, my husband emailed me about his compensation. He just got an unexpectedly super-sweet extra large bonus (like more than we thought was possible given his employment agreement), plus a regular compensation increase. We are now fully covered.

Thank you so much for your incredible coaching work and for introducing me to shamanism. I am so, so grateful."

 Love, VB

It is definitely happening...

Hey, Doc...I don't know exactly what is happening, but it is definitely happening.
I have been uncharacteristically calm and clear-headed since our session. In at least two situations which would have made me absolutely flip out, I have been calm, loving, and remarkably, well, okay. So, while I don't feel like a whole new person, I also don't feel like I did before. I am very curious to see what will develop next.
Thank you.
Of note: I really like your writing style, as well. (I wish there was more swearing,but that's just me.)

A pivotal point for me

Hi Sarah!
You probably don't remember me, but I came to see you for a Shamanic healing in the fall of 2013.   That marks a pivotal point for me-- since then my law practice has taken off, I've achieved my dream of owning a horse, I've lost 50 lbs., and life is beautiful.  I continue my work, in all its mystery, but I am so grateful for my session with you. ~ S.K.

Shamanic healing...just wow.

The first beta reader for my novel told me she didn’t want to finish it because she didn’t want it to be over. Today she told me she’s already reading it again, starting from the beginning.   Just … wow.  ~K.P.

A shamanic healing- wildflowers in a vase.

Since our session, I picked wildflowers and put them in a vase in my room. Today I printed a photo of sparkly natural rose quartz and leaned it against the vase.Out of the blue, as a surprise gift, a good friend of mine sent me 350 Euros (about $475).I bid $45/hr on a job for that same friend and she wrote back and said that’s too low – she wants to pay me $75/hr.  ~H.W.

Martha Atkins PHd

"I engaged in personal shamanic work with Dr. Seidelmann this morning.  While I've been a fan for a long time, my fandom has been exponentially expanded, as my appreciation. She is connected, kind and very gifted at what she does."  Martha Jo Atkins, PhD and Death Shazam-er

Whale whisperer...

My journey towards shamanic healing started at a coaches summit early in 2014 and led me, bit by curious bit, to ending the year off with a powerful shamanic healing session with Sarah as I had always been incredibly drawn to her story and her work. There have been major changes in the way I feel and present myself in the world since her healing session, such as:

No longer feeling totally overwhelmed by life and responsibilities (I receive compliments practically every day on how fresh and invigorated I look)

No longer feeling that I am constantly swimming upstream (fantastic especially if you are not a salmon)

In a very short space of time I  could start making tangible changes to my life (before I could never quite get there no matter how I tried)

My connection to nature and my animal spirit deepened (and I was gifted out of the blue with an opportunity to visit my spirit animal more than 800km away– how cool is that!)

I feel more grounded and connected – in fact I have never felt this way. Even though I was always “doing the work” towards healing

My connection to the divine realm / spirit world has grown – I no longer experience the sense of isolation that I did before.

So in short, all I can share with you is my own humble experience. I consider myself very self-actualised actually – a PhD in personal development and healing. But nothing has come close to this experience. In short, if you want things to stay the same – don’t work with Sarah. Cos if you do, things will never quite be the same.

Whale-whisperer extraordinaire

It was wonderful

...the live calls, and the different mediums to share have been wonderful. It’s like I am seeing for the first time or in a new way. I have been distracted for a while and am now noticing again how beautiful and nurturing nature can be….seeing with new eyes. The sounds of birds… I am getting the message “I am awake!"

A participant in the Stoked Life

It feels as though I have opened the door

...into another huge piece of information that is amazingly spot-on with things are going on in my life- how they meet and helping me make better decisions in my life.

A participant in the Stoked Life

Sarah Possesses Remarkable Talent for Inspiring Others

Sarah is an exceptional individual, bringing enthusiasm, clear thinking, compassion and humor to her work as a professional coach. She exemplifies the pursuit of living a joyful life, and possesses remarkable talent for inspiring others to attain their goals and aspirations.

Theresa Aldach
Student Counselor and Professor St. Scholastic College

Anyone Can Benefit From This Illuminating Experience!

Sarah helped me organize and prioritize several areas of my life. It was a very powerful experience to have a gentle, self-directed session that allowed me to determine what parts of my life were going well and what areas could use more fulfillment. I would suggest that anyone who’s interested in making positive changes in their work, personal, financial or spiritual life would benefit from this illuminating experience.

Susan Vandersteen
Interior Designer

She is a Genii. Two (or Three) Geniuses in One!

Hire my sister Sarah. I did and she is a genii. Two (or three) geniuses in one. She life coached me on my negative thoughts- of which (though this may be the story I’m telling myself) I have several. If you are a seeker or journeyman taking the bridge to transition and need some help in your home environment or your brain environment, please check out my sister. By the way, she is also a Board Certified Pathologist in Minnesota, but doesn’t do autopsy house calls. She’s is also a seriously silly goose.

Maria Bamford
Comedian and star of TARGET’s Christmas Commercials 2009 and 2010

Talking With Sarah Clarified What I Wanted...

My hectic life makes prioritizing a necessity. But there still never seemed to be time to just think about where I was going. Talking with Sarah clarified what I wanted – financial abundance and security for my family. Coaching revealed what my life can look like and the path to get there. Sarah listened to me. No judgement. No over the top enthusiasm or cheer-leading. She just asked questions and listened to me. The questions Sarah asked led me to the conclusion that I can attain financial abundance and security. By helping me see how my own fear was holding me back, Sarah’s coaching unveiled that I can build a business and lead a financially abundant life.”

University Professor U of WI and Entrepreneur

Live your best life “shackles off!”

If you want to make changes in your life and have fun in the process, hire Sarah as your life coach. With an infectious energy level and an open heart she challenges you to live your best life “shackles off!” She inspired me to make real and lasting changes in my life and I am forever grateful!

Chris Hollar
Life Coach in Wisconsin

She Lights Up A Path Uniquely My Own...

With Sarah’s help, I am able to see what my life can truly be. She lights up a path uniquely my own, and inspires me to follow it, while celebrating each step along the way. From the first phone call Sarah felt like a trusted friend. She gets the importance of a life lived on purpose and I’m grateful to be working with her.

Kim Stromgren
Costume Designer and Writer

Fun and Transformative!

Sarah brings gifts through her coaching that I’ve never experienced in any other way. Not only is her work unique (a direct reflection of her personality as well), but it’s FUN and trans-formative to boot. Either one of those is reason enough to invest time with her, but put them together and you’ll find you’ve just made a VERY smart investment in yourself and your life. 🙂 We’re lucky to have Sarah as a contributing faculty member at Good Vibe University!

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