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A guest post  by Houkje Ross I had a dream the other night where I was making out with a guy in plaid pants. These pants were really, really loud. Kind of reminiscent of something one might see on a golf course… or maybe in a bar, in 1974. In 1974, I wasn’t yet two. … Read More

Following your FEEL GOOD is the fastest way to change your own life and the world! Rolling around on the grass. Drinking the green stuff. Humans being authentic. Lighting up the dance floor. Dreaming at the mile high level. Yoga acrobatics. Getting your own apples. Discovering a hunk of long lost cookie dough. Getting your… Read More

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I am not a pie in the sky person. I’m a realist with 4 real kids, a real husband, 2 real dogs and a "real life" – it’s just that my reality has shifted. I am a Board-Certified physician who left my pathology practice in order to live out my destiny as... LEARN MORE

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