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Spreading the FEEL GOOD Feevah

Vintage French Bird Print. Buffon, Georges-Louis Leclerc (1770). Histoire naturelle des oiseaux. [Planches coloriées sans texte]. Scan of 2 d images in the public domain believed to be free to use without restriction in the US.We know now, thanks to new research on the Science of Happiness,  that  happiness is truly contagious (as is a lack of it!).

As a Pathologist in a large community based hospital, I took part in some drills and planning for the dreaded Avian FLU in our large Hospital Complex.  The overhead announcement would sound off for a “code white” (or some color, lol)  which was secret code for “Avian Flu meeting STAT” for those “in the know”.

It was thrilling and a bit scary to be part of those meetings, knowing that we had an important role in taking actions to contain a potentially very destructive outbreak.

While I am eternally grateful for our enthusiastic Public Health endeavors, it got me thinking. What  would happen if we had drills and dedicated Planning Committees at our hospitals to ensure that AN OUTBREAK OF JOY not only SPREAD BUT CREATED A WORLD WIDE EPIDEMIC?

I witnessed lovely person in our Lab launch a self-funded program to do just that! On her breaks, she would bring little trinkets and treats (a grown-up’s treasure chest ) to people in their offices on a gleefully decked out,  hand painted SMILE CART. I thought this was the greatest idea ever!

Administration was asked to embrace this small grassroots movement and formalize it somehow. She was rejected for funding it and, eventually the cart got parked when her funds ran dry.

Of course at the end of the day, we cannot wait for the administration, or a spouse, or a group to decide WHEN, its up to us to administer the outbreak.

What would happen if we made a concerted effort ourselves to SPREAD JOY? Be the index case! I dare you. Spread the FEEL GOOD around.


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