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My Gift to You for 2017!

As you know I am all about the BEASTIES (this is the last holiday my Walrus book will be in print-  a whole new version is coming in 2018- so if you like the original- gift it now!) and how much amazingness can be learned by paying attention to the wild animals that cross our paths in reality, in night dreams, or in other magical ways (youtube videos and coffee mugs etc!). However, I didn’t expect my most recent guest Beastie to appear in our house in the middle of the night.

A few nights ago while in bed I felt something rush over my feet-  I thought it was a freaky dream…I dismissed it and returned to sleep. We’d been hearing weird noises in the ceiling on our third floor for a while but weren’t sure what to think.  A little later that same night,  I heard my husband Mark say in a weird loud voice at 3 AM:  “Sarah….you need to come in here right now.”  He was in the room next door to our bedroom. As I walked in he was standing as still as a tree and said, “check out the dream catcher- we have a visitor”.

Clinging to the edge of the big dream catcher hung in our window was a cute, huge eyed, flying squirrel.  Oh my lord-  I shuddered-  so THAT is what ran over my feet in bed!!!!  Long story short, he moved sooooo quickly that it was impossible to catch him without harming him and because it is NOT OK TO HAVE SQUIRRELS in the bedroom, we ended his life.  It felt absolutely horrible to do this.  Horrible.

Two nights later(after a pest specialist examined everything and assured us it was likely a one time problem)…we discovered yet another flying squirrel-  this one was in bed with me (nestled behind my knees!)— she moved so fast we never were able to find her…she vaporized.  Live traps are now set, a hole near our window has been filled where they probably snuck in and we trust we will clear them.

Southern Flying squirrel, Glaucomys volans, voplaning or gliding at night, steering with its tail to maintain balance and direction
Meanwhile- I’m thinking- THIS MESSAGE has got to be good.  A Flying squirrel in a freaking DREAM CATCHER???
So, I endeavored, as I often recommend to other who are confused about the message of a particular Beastie in their life, to journey and ask my spirits for a little help.  The next thing you know I was meeting “Stan” a very friendly huge flying squirrel (with a powerful hand/paw shake) who I immediately got down on my knees to apologize to, in tears, for harming him.  He laughed and helped me back up—-“you humans take this reality sooo seriously– it’s not the way it appears.…this “reality” is really not the truest one. “But we caused suffering to you”, I said. “Yes”, he admitted “You did.” but, he also reminded me that “that’s life”—just try not to inflict too much and spend more time sharing love.

His message for us? “You guys need to relax and PLAY waaaaay  more.”  It’s true Mark and I have both been working a lot the last few months- me on book projects and him at his day job.  Ever since Stan appeared, I must admit I’ve been laughing a lot-  about sleeping with a live squirrel  and the very idea that we might have more than one in our attic.  Stan assured me that he’d help to get his relatives to go quietly using the live traps.  Phew!

Journeying to meet Stan brought such relief and laughter and AH-HA’s to me and I am forever grateful for this way to view life— the way of seeing with the heart or shamanism.  I am committed to PLAYING and RELAXING in every way I can find.  Sometimes the most awful things turn out to be the BEST things- do you know what I mean?

I hope you are getting clear and helpful messages from the world all around you about to align with your most beautiful, peaceful and contented self!  If you’d like to discover a Beastie of the YEAR for 2017 to help you find your way check out this post. If you want me to choose one for you using the What the Walrus Knows app I created- simply join Squirrel Radio at Facebook and say “please give me a BEASTIE” in the pinned post!

I think mine for 2017 might just have to be STAN THE FLYING SQUIRREL but, I haven’t decided yet.  Maybe he’s a messenger for you?  Do you need to relax and PLAY more?

What do you want to experience in 2017?  How do you want to contribute?  Who are you becoming?  What are you creating?  I can’t wait to see!!

With BIG love, Sarah
P.S.  In case you missed it- I’ve just wrapped up three new episodes of a podcast I have created to explore pilgrimage– travel taken with a sacred purpose in mind.   They are great for taking a soul strol around the hood or for long commutes!


I’ll be bringing you interviews with some of the most irrepressible and fascinating people I know who have undertaken such journeys.  Maybe they will inspire you to take one too?  Or maybe you’ll be inspired on your own daily pilgrimage right at home to see the world a little differently!  I hope you enjoy!

Episode 1- Walking the Camino Solo with Becky Bacon- Blisters and TOTAL presence in Spain!
Episode 2-  Into the Alaskan Wilderness Solo with Wendy Battino- Singing birch trees and Wolverines!
Episode 3-  Walking the SHT- Superior Hiking Trail Solo with Kim Stromgren-  Depression and a Mount Trudee!

P.S.S. As always you can read more about shamanic healing or coaching too- they are both wonderful ways support yourself and prepare the way for a beautiful and heart centered 2017.

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