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My #1 Favorite Film of 2016. Watch Minimalism on Netflix!

(Our maximalist dining room wall with LLAMA:))

Hello dear creators of magic and wonder!

This is just a brief note to share a film that I think is SOOOOO good!  It’s called Miniamlism. and the trailer is here.   The film brilliantly covers a very complex topic-  finding meaning in our life and STUFF-  and how to make sense of it.  I guarantee you’ll feel inspired and clearer about the life you truly want after watching it!
You can watch it free on Netflix if you’ve got a membership.  Watch it while you work out and double your FEEL GOOD.

I’m no stranger to simplifying/downsizing (this summer we did our second downsize and eliminated our mortgage so we could continue to pursue the life we love) and what I can honestly say is that our home and possessions had to shrink so that we could GROW.  I’m a bit of a maximalist, design wise, and you’ll never see my living room looking spare….I’ve written about my MAGPIE tendencies here (in case you can relate).  But, what has happened is that I hit “PAUSE” a lot now before buying anything that’s not absolutely essential.  Sometimes paper mache llamas ARE essential.  And, sometimes you can wear last year’s dress to that black tie event every year:)

What I’m after is freedom-  to live and work and explore the world in the way we want to do it and when you live beneath your means-  it’s possible.  That fun “feeling” you get from new shoes, cars, coats, coffee machines, etc etc is temporary…but when you experience true connection, community, and can be YOURSELF on a regular basis?  That is true wealth.  I wrote here about how to know if you’re truly a success.

I’m having an extremely busy December and Spring 2017-  finishing up my latest book Swimming with Elephants:  One Woman’s Unexpected Journey from Physician to Healer and beginning my new MASSIVE BEASTIE book project for Sounds True (it will replace What the Walrus Knows in 2018).  I will still have openings for coaching and healing (in person or via phone or SKYPE) for the time being.  You can book here.

I’m sending blessings of every kind imaginable to you!
With love, Sarah

P.S.  One of the best gifts you can give this season is the right under your nose- and you can read more here.

P.S.  A spot has opened to go to Peru for a two week intensive healing retreat with shaman LuzMa from nunaayni.com  let me know if you are interested and I can send you details!

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