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Jazz The Glass Beach House Getaway, Cayucos, CA Mar 14-17

  “Jazz the glass”=  Ride the wave.(source: Riptionary.com, a lexicon of surfing)

The Jazz the Glass Retreats in 2011 and 2012 In Hanalei, Kauai were so amazing we wanted to bring a version of it here to the California coast to make it accessible to more people. We realized that the matriarchal herd is a powerful archytypal energy and have chosen Alice The Elephant to be our Spiritual leader in this endeavor. She loves to surf the waves of Cayucos.

Surf it, Learn it, live it

Do you really want to surf the larger WAVE of your life?

How big and gnarly can your life wave get? How big is TOO big?

How GOOD are you willing to let it get?

Below is the view from the beach house lawn:)

Are you a visionary, free spirit, a non- conformist?

Are you a troublemaker, a rule breaker, a misfit?

Do you see things others don’t?

As in, how it could be different?

Are you a maverick, a wayseer?

Are you irrepressible?

So are we.

We are two Nature digging, visionary women who like to make their own rules and are on a mission to make personal transformation PLAY and learn how to bend the Universe to our desires. We smile and LAUGH a lot.

This retreat is for WOMEN Only. (Sorry guys! We hope to offer future co-ed retreats). It is limited to 12 participants:)

We invite you to join us for three nights and three days in Cayucos, California for a total immersion in Nature, an introduction to Shamanism (an Ancient “way” of living in right relationship with the Natural world). You will have opportunities to:

  • The getaway starts with a welcome reception at the Beach House from 3-5pm, after which we will be heading off for an adventure in SLO Town.”
  • Immerse yourself in stunning beauty of  Central Coastal California-  home to elephant seals and many other special Beasties.
  • Experience the magic of “doing as the locals do” in Cayucos.
  • Hike along some of the most beautiful trails of coastal San Luis Obispo county (better known as SLO, guided by local lover of the land, Susan.
  • Wander along the magificent beach at the steps of the Beach House, where we will gather daily.
  • Do some deep diving into your self to find out how everything you want is possible.
  • Learn several Ancient techniques including Shamanic Meditation, divination and other ways to connect to the sourced web of life to become a powerful, unstoppable force of nature.

We will not be surfing in Cayucos (this time, lol!) but if surfing sounds fun-  check out our other retreat Jazz The Glass Hanalei, Kauai

Sound Pretty Good?

Dates:  March 14-17, 2013

  • Thursday March 14th:  The Getaway starts with a welcome reception at the Beach House from 3-5 PMand then we will head off for a brief adventure:)
  • Sunday March 17th:  We will have breakfast and a final gathering.   “Checkout” from the Beach house is at 12 Noon:)

Accommodations:  There are three options.

  1. On a first come, first serve basis you can stay at the private beach house right smack dab on the ocean.  This is limited to 8 guests in total (max) and can be arranged directly with Susan Honnell.  2 Bathrooms are shared by all.  Varies from $40-120.00 per night
  2. The second option is staying at a well priced,  relaxed and low key Cayucos hotel.   Susan has a block of rooms reserved starting at $135.00 pernight
  3. The third option is to stay at an accommodation of your choice in Cayucos.  We will be doing our shamanic work at the Beach house.


  • A 75 minute, pre-departure teleclass entitled “Shamanism 101” led by Sarah and Susan with discussion.   Date and time are to be arranged.   An mp3 recording will be available after the call, so don’t worry if you can’t make it.
  • Welcome reception at the Beach House from 3-5pm, after which we will be heading off for an adventure in SLO Town.”
  • Beach House Breakfast with Green Smoothies on Friday and Sunday
  • In House Dinner at the Beach House on Friday Night (nothing fancy-  just Sarah and Susan cooking up something good so we can hang out and relax for the night all together!)
Not Included:
  • Accommodations-  those can be arranged separately with Susan
  • Meals not listed above:)
  • Travel to Cayucos
  • Car for getting to trails/a few activities
  • Travel insurance
  • Shopping expenses
  • Any extra excursions not in the itinerary you may choose to do during your free time (We’re glad to help you book something! )

You can’t stop the waves but you can learn to surf.
~John Kabat Zinn

Your fearless leaders:

Sarah Seidelmann

…is a physician turned Martha Beck certified life coach and Shamanic Practitioner. She loves dancing to music with a strong drum beat, working with the spirits of the Beasties and being out in Nature with people she loves.  Her personal site is followyourfeelgood.com  Sarah works full time as a  speaker, teacher and coach and has  a special interest in helping others forge a deep and satisfying connection to the Earth. Connecting with the Beasties via her own special brand of Shamanism is one of her favorite ways to connect! Her first book is What The Walrus Knows:  An Eccentric’s Field Guide to Working with Beastie Energies.

Susan Honnell

…is a world traveler who has had successful careers in both counseling and foreign real estate sales. Now a Martha Beck Certified life coach, she has an infectious love of life that she found through her interactions with nature, particularly her time spent in Hawaii. After living on Kauai during college, Susan returned last year and spent a month in heavenly Hanalei, stand up paddling, hiking and learning to surf. It was there she experienced her own spiritual transformation, and a seed was planted to extend the opportunity to others.Susan loves kids, critters, interacting with people, and all things related to the ocean, especially surfing. She believes we have many lessons to learn from the magic and magnificence of the sea.

Ready to go? Well, fabulous!

Cost: $399.00 prior to Feb 1st (459 after Feb Feb 1) (Retreat only- for accomdations at the Beach House or the Recommended Local Hotel- Susan will arrange for you) Your check is your reservation and reservations will be taken on a first come, first serve basis.

To reserve your place: Please send your check to:

Susan Honnell
800 Highland Drive
Los Osos, CA 93402

  • No refunds/cancellations can be made after 6 weeks prior to departure (January 1, 2013)
  • Questions?  Email Susan
  • Paypal payment is an option but a processing fee (non-refundable) will be added to cover Paypal fees.
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  • Jessi 20 Dec, 4:46 am

    What a sweet idea! So inspirational. Love the joyous energy of the image and how it flows with your blog.

    You’re a beauty!

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