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How to Have a Room That Brings the FEEL GOOD in 4 Steps.

Step One:

Get rid of anything that does not serve you, gives you the heebie jeebies, is not useful, does not suit, is not comfortable. If the only thing you have is a couch and it gives you the heebie jeebies- get creative- could you slipcover it? Could you sell it or trade it? Find someway to make it better. Honestly, no couch is sometimes better than a couch that has no FEEL GOOD potential. This first step is critical and can be the toughest one. Did you pay a lot for the piece and its hard to forgive yourself? Do you worry if Aunt Bobbie will be disturbed if her needlepoint sampler is no longer hanging there? When you become willing to get as excited about pleasing yourself in your home (as you are about pleasing others) – things will shift.

Step Two:

Be sure that you have REALLY finished Step one- and if not- then ask yourself why? Why are you hanging onto stuff that is not beautiful (to you) or useful? There are many wonderful places to donate to or perhaps you know somebody in need. I promise- it will FEEL (so) GOOD if you really do this step!!! Get support from a friend- do whatever you have to do….unload it!

Step Three:

Sit back and enjoy the beauty of less for a while and then get a vision of what you would like the room to look like- scavenge through websites and magazines- study the wall colors that you are continuously drawn to – Are there curtains in these rooms- or are windows unadorned? Walls- are they packed gallery style with art- or are they rather spare or somewhere in between. Are the furnishings modern, eclectic- do you see a pattern forming in all of your clipping?

Step Four:

Select an inspiration piece- it might be a small rug or a piece of art- or any thing that you ABSOLUTELY LOVE. It has to have a HUGE FEEL GOOD factor. Add it into the room. Sit back and wait a day. Does anything else need to be removed….now that this thing you ADORE is there? What more would FEEL GOOD? Write up a list of objects, paint colors, textures, items that would enhance the FEEL GOOD. Keep adding these things as you find time and are inspired. One a week? One a day? Whatever FEELS GOOD! Over time you will create a room that feels amazing to you.


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