Discover your core Beastie and get TIPS to feel good from an Elephant here!!

How to be more BOISTEROUS and JOY FILLED.

Dear creators of MAGIC and WONDER,

I had a neighbor years ago who had 4 kids (as wild and boisterous as any!) and yet that woman GLOWED- day and night- happy, smiling and content. All my other neighbors with kids were great too in their own ways but, her life somehow looked more effortless- more JOY FILLED. So one day I asked her- “What do you do differently Jan?” and she threw her head back and LAUGHED and said, “Sarah- I get a massage every single week.”– that was it- it was her secret to well being.

She was willing to allow herself this FEELING GOOD FEELING…she loved her self enough to truly treat herself with kindness. It would be years before I would understand how to do that for myself.  But, I never forgot it.

It’s soooo important to go easy on yourself – make time for going boneless and RESTING, SOAKING, REFUELING.  Strangely-  I suspect it’s the key to dropping extra weight, manifesting miracles and generally making MAGIC happen.   Deepak Chopra Meditation Center has a neato new printable booklet with BEAUTIFUL encouraging messages and ideas to help you- check it out.

There will also be a 21 day FREE meditation to inspire weigh loss with Deeps and Ops-  I will be on my cushion for it- I love these things!  Register here.

Speaking of manifesting MIRACLES- this was my face yesterday…( I had spent part of the previous day in deep rest and deep joy-  coincidence?  I think NOT:)….

I got the call that a literary agent from NEW YORK CITY wanted to speak to me-  she was interested in talking with me about my new book-  I called her and BOOM-  she wants to represent me.  So thrilling and strange when something you’ve been longing for falls into place.  It was so fun to MAKE CALLS and TEXTS to my husband, my sister, my mother and father and good friends-  a mini celebration.  Yes-  there will be more work ahead-  another proposal to write and rewrites (I’m sure!) but the book is now firmly on its way.  Thank you for all your cheering and support!

Speaking of my literary agent-  she wants me to build my tribe on Instagram-  so if you are playing there-  please follow me if it FEELS GOOD:)

If you’d like a bit more inspiration please check out my interview of Jill Farmer–  who’s LIVING PROOF that mouthy little girls turn into INCREDIBLE WOMEN:)

P.S.  If you are part of Martha Beck’s Tribe  and will be in Austin TX for the Wayfinder’s event–  come play with me in the morning before the BIG event starts-  we will be diving into shamanic journeying and seeking answers to our deepest questions.  The event I’m hosting in conjunction with Martha’s isHERE.  

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Discover your core Beastie and get TIPS to feel good from an Elephant here!!

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