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Get Writing! A Virtual Yurt for Rapscallion Wordslingers

We want you to get your words out.
Out of your mind and heart.
And into the world.
~Sarah Seidelmann and Anna Kunnecke

Your love, your passion, your business, your medicine– your sweet freaky-ness– we want you to get it out into the streams of the world’s conversation in a way that is so clear and compelling that your tribe is irresistibly drawn to you. 

So many people are numbing out, glazing over, and stuffing themselves with the mental equivalent of Twinkies.  Not because they like it,  but because they’re hungry for what you have to say.   And what is inside of you is organic, utterly unique,  and nourishing.  


But you haven’t written it yet. We want you to get writing.  We want you to tell your story, share your wisdom, galvanize your people, and bring a steady flow of people and dollars to your door.  They can’t find you until you find your words. So we’ve created a virtual yurt.  A safe, supportive, get-your-butt-in-gear space for people who want to help other people with their writing.  It’s everything we wished we’d had when we were first getting started: practical, sacred, deep, irreverent.  It’ll help you get writing, or keep writing, or write better. It’ll help you get brave, get clear, and get radiant.  It’ll help you churn out writing that speaks directly to your people.  It’ll help you draw on your own experiences without navel-gazing.  It’ll help you be savvy without being icky.  It’ll help you write.  The virtual yurt opens for registrationin Feb, and we’re doing a free Q&A call on January 28 on anything you want to ask us about writing.  We can talk shop, unstopper writer’s block, and give you a behind-the-scenes look at how we get our writing done.  

Learn more {{here}} at the official page and get registered for the free Q&A call.

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