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FEEL GOOD Inspiration Boards

How to Manifest and Draw more FEEL GOOD into your life!

These darn things work. For those of you who do LOVE visual stuff and imagery- this will be very POWERFUL. I have created boards which drew Mary Poppins like babysitters, rooms, physical body transformations, college funds, FEEL GOOD family relationships, work I adore- you name it!

I personally have seen odd things happen, like the picture of a home I had pulled out- looks eerily like the home I ended up moving to, one of my fabulous coaching clients looked just like the picture of the little girl I had on my coaching board when she was little. I put a lot of zebras on my boards once- not noticing that it also tied in to a desire to travel to Africa. Months later, I was invited to serve on a negotiation team in South Africa to negotiate a bride’s price- one of the most incredible experiences of my life. Really what you tapping into here is the Law of Attraction- or things that have a certain energy or vibe attract more of the same. The only caveat I have on that is that WHATEVER you are wanting needs to really come from your “core of peace” as one of my mentors, Martha Beck would say, in other words – my belief is that this stuff really works when it taps into deep feelings/yearnings from your soul. So if a Mercedes convertible is truly a soul-directive- then I say go for it. My soul has not really yearned for a fancy car lately (although it did once!)

It usually yearns for what will serve me most on a deeper level- a loving marriage, kids who are respectful and fun/fabulous to be around, perfect coaching clients for me, Travel, etcetera
How do you know if what you think you “want” is a soulful yearning (and not an ego driven thing)? Well- when you wake up in the morning, is it your heart’s desire? If so – then you are probably onto it. Also – getting really quiet and writing about what you want to manifest can also help you figure that part out. What ideas/dreams get you the most energized and jazzed- those are probably true heart’s desires. Health, financial abundance, Joy, Experiences, Work that you love……

How I like to dooz it. (This is great to do with a friend or small group of people who you feel very comfy and supported by- crank the music, grab your scissors and have fun!) (Doing it with your kids is also a kick- let them decide what they would like to happen in their life- just watch out if they want to manifest a puppy!!!) Kids are powerful manifestors….

1. Decide what your FEEL GOOD board will be for:

Is it one that covers health and wellness, is it for a job? Or is it something you would like to create with you relationships? You can do a board that encompasses many different areas too- it’s up to you. Sometimes I make one at the beginning of the year with my vision of what I would like to happen for my whole year- from health to family to professional etc.

A focused board (or mini-board) is always great it you really want to bring some great energy into a certain area- like a particular project or say your relationships…it’s all up to you. You can even do this on index cards- my sister Maria laminated hers and kept it in her purse.2. Create a little file and then begin to collect clipping from magazines – or for those of you who are technically savvy- save images in a file on your computer . It’s nice if you can collect images that draw you in over time- but this can be done quickly of course (in a one night vision board project).

2. Things to clip:

If you are doing a more intuitive RIGHT brain board- then just grab anything that feels GOOD to you. I recommend this to those of you who are linear- practical and very smart people. It will reconnect you to your heart. Don’t ask why an Elephant or a light fixture or a certain texture is what you are drawn to- sometimes your intuition (right brain) already know what your left brain cannot explain/know.

  • If you are doing a left brained board- then-
  • Images that show the feeling you want to have when you get what you are wanting
  • Facial expressions
  • The place it is all happening
  • The outfit you want to be wearing
  • The healthy food you want to be eating
  • Picture of people achieving what you want to achieve
  • Words that inspire you- or phrases/quotes.
  • The kinds of people you are surrounded by when you are living out this vision.
  • Anything else that appeals to you- there are NO RULES (you will not be graded!).
3. You’ll need a something to mount the images on:

There are many OPTIONS here-

  • My sister Maria likes to do a pocket version- with index cards she punches holes in and creates a little book (sometimes she even laminates the pages.
  • A giant piece of black foam core board (Suzi and I like the neutral black background)
  • An 8 x 10 piece of construction paper
  • 3 ring binder with plastic sheet sleeves- creating a multi sheet book of images- that’s kind of nice because you can save them as you manifest things- fun to watch your own personal progress
  • I have seen people use a manila folder- that way you can “file it” and then pull it out for inspiration when you like!
  • Personally I like something that you can look at and see everyday- I hang mine usually in the bathroom- so I cannot help but see it as I brush my teeth and get ready everyday. Mine is JUMBO in size.
4. Scissors and double stick tape:

Glue stick is ok, but if you really want to enjoy yourself- I really enjoy the double stick tape images lay flat and stick well. I think it’s fun when it’s done to snap some pictures- so it can be downloaded and used as a screen saver too- again a way to see it every day.

Then just glance at it daily and let your mind and heart enjoy the imagery and then- watch what happens!
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