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Even Bohemians Need Rules

Even Bohemians Need Rules, by Sarah Seidelmann, FollowYourFeelGood.comI was at Patch Adam’s Gezundheit Institute in West Virgina last week- it’s a bohemian paradise hidden in the West Virginia Mountains. There are plans for an elephant shaped hospital that are underway.  Yes.  Elephant shaped- the design is stunning!  Patch has a dream to change the way we heal human beings and wants to see more love, compassion, joy and soul injected into the current medical system. I couldn’t agree more! I was teaching Medical Students and other healers about how to follow their FEEL GOODS and how to connect to Nature to receive its messages. The people who founded the place , originally, appear to have been wild bohemian rebels clad in tie dye with personal histories filled with wildness, being completely okay with nakedness and hippie-dom.

But, even revolutionaries get older and wiser.

When we arrived we were read (and re-read, lol!) the list of rules that we needed to follow while living cooperatively on campus. The number of rules surprised me- close the doors, clean up after yourself (sure!) , no naked-ness (wow! I wan’t planning on it….) and many many more.

Why so many rules? Well, it turns out that in order for a bunch of wild bohemians to co-live together- we need rules. We need to respect each others right to be an individual- while being sure that we all contribute and take turns scrubbing the toilet.
If you are on this website- you too may fancy yourself a bit of a bad-ass rebel…one who sees things differently (I know I see myself that way)…..and the thing is……for us to live well and get the sweet nectar out of life…some rules help.

Also, it turns out that the people at Patch Adam’s Institute truly want to make an impact on the community’s health.  To do that,  they must gain the respect and trust of a predominantly Bible-driven part of the country.

Which means no nakedness.

The week ran so smoothly- sure there was one guy who kept checking email during “Tutto Tutto” (the designated 20 minutes where we all cleaned in unison)…but he was asked to step up to the plate and did.  So in your own personal revolution- what rules seem to be helpful or do you need to have more- in your house, in your office……what might your best list of rules be? Who will enforce them?  Who do you need to perhpas the trust or resprect of to do your own work.  What would be kind and respectful of the community YOU want to serve?

I am fixing to set up a few new rules at my house: Whoever cooks the meal does not clean up. Rules sometimes help- even the revolutionaries….especially the revolutionaries:)

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