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Do You Have A Horrible Bonnie?

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“My mentor, Horrible Bonnie, says something beautiful is ALWAYS revealed. I say, bitterly, “Oh Yeah? Like what?” She says, nicely, “Truth.” ~ Anne Lamott via Twitter


One of my all time favorite writers, Anne Lamott, talks about her mentor whom she refers to as “Horrible Bonnie”.  I think **Horrible** because Anne dreads calling her to whine,  complain or bitch about things.  She knows that horrible Bonnie will listen with compassion and then (horrible!)  hold Anne to a higher standard of consciousness.  She’ll remind her to:  1.   stay out of people’s business 2.  to trust God (the Universe or higher power) 3.  to only change the things she can.

Just thinking of horrible Bonnie seems to get Anne to correct her (self-admitted)  non-harmonious ways.

There are days when I need a horrible Bonnie.  To listen and to get me back on track.  To remind me of the pitfalls and temptations of being born to FREAK (obsessing over other people’s pain…getting depressed by the bad news on facebook…trying to control the Universe, wanting something to change that isn’t mine to change…).

Finding your own Horrible Bonnie…….to share your woes with…to rediscover the truth…..might be the ticket to feeling good more often?

I have several horrible Bonnies/truth tellers.  My mother is one. I think I’ve actually internalized her. I hear her voice all the time in my head.  My sister too.  My husband is actually the most horrible Bonnie of all…he won’t let me get away with anything. 🙂  My Brain Trust friends are others.

Who is your horrible Bonnie?  Or where could you find yours, so you can revel in your truth more often?

Namaste, Sarah

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  • Susie Bloom Hudgins 19 Sep, 12:20 pm

    Love AL. Ad you! Truth tellers help. Guess that is why they can be horrible.

    • Sarah Seidelmann 27 Sep, 6:41 pm

      Thanks Susie, lol!!! Keep being your wickedly awesome self and say hi to your family!

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