Discover your core Beastie and get TIPS to feel good from an Elephant here!!

Discover Your Personal Beastie of the Year for 2015!

I ADORE new beginnings and the New Year is one of my favorite times.  For years,  I made resolutions I couldn’t keep.   Several months into each new year,  I’d feel I had let myself down.  It wasn’t that my dreams were unrealistic…it was the energy I approached them with.   It was PUSH and not PULL.  Strife..not ease.  For about 4 years running I’ve employed a whole new approach. I look forward to it with great anticipation because it works! It’s even MORE delicious to engage with a group (with everybody holding intentions for each can learn how to join one below or make you own impromptu group!)

I still get clear on what I’d like to create in the new year (write another book, experience a harmonious and FUN marriage, be a peaceful Momma….you get the picture) and I scribble down a few notes to myself.  Then, instead of trying to figure out how to do all of that (read:  HARD!)…

I simply set my intention that a perfect Beastie is going to show up for me to be my BEASTIE OF THE YEAR and I push the “divine button” on the What theWalrus Walrus Knows app**.

I ask for the Universe to send me the perfect guidance.

What the Walrus Knows: A Guide to Beastie Energies! Available on itunes for iphones and ipads


Once you’ve pushed the button…the spirited app will give you a Beastie and three lines of its manifesto.

For example if you were to get the Snake, an elegant and beautiful Beastie that knows how to shed its skin all at once (not one scale at a time:) you might see these three lines. If you’d like- later you can search the “snake” in the field guide and uncover ALL TEN LINES of the manifesto. Or keep it simple and stick to three.



What’s next?

I like to email myself the entire 10 lines (from the all using the button in the upper right corner), print and paste it into my medicine cabinet.

Past Annual Beasties for me have included Meerkat, Dragon, Poison Dart Frog and this year’s Cheetah.

The energetic hints in the manifestos have provided wonderful guidance throughout the year-  stances and approaches I can consider that may prove helpful with the particular endeavors I am working on.  You can also paste up images or the Beastie, watch videos of them on youtube and study myths and stories about them for more hints.  Need help?  You can work with me if you’d like:)

For example this year, Cheetah taught me the power of banking my own mojo so I could  serve my family and my clients.  Cheetah also helped me tune into refinement-  which was powerful for my 4th, 5th and 18th book drafts.

Skeptical that a Beastie could really help you?  That’s perfect- this is something to be tested and see what your experience is. If it’s helpful then I invite you to thank you Beastie and find ways to honor it.

If you’d like help doing this (sometimes it feels better to hold our intention and detach- and  let somebody else do the divination part.

Blessings for finding EXACTLY what you need in 2015 to support you on your very own hero’s journey!

With love, Sarah

**Don’t have the app?  Grab a copy of What the Walrus Knows if you don’t already have one and sit with your intention and then allow the back of the book to flop open to a randon (not random, LOL!) page to discover your Beastie.

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Discover your core Beastie and get TIPS to feel good from an Elephant here!!

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