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Martha Atkins is one of those magical people who changed my life.  She was supposed to present a formal class at a gathering of coaches for creative people like me.  She stood at the front of the room and confessed her presentation had somehow gotten lost.  She instead carried a limp cocktail napkins with some scrawling… Read More

Hello Dear Creators of WONDER and MAGIC! My son Charlie (age 11) is obsessed with giant jawbreakers.  As I was moving this huge sticky one this AM I was struck by a thought: We're all EVERLASTING GOBSTOPPERS, here to dissolve the outer (obscuring) layers until...BOOM....our divine center is revealed.🐘🌸🐘🌸🐘🌸🐘🌸🐘🌸🐘🌸 Follow me on Instagram for more  gobstoppers of… Read More

I thought it would be fantastic for all of us to be inspired by fellow BORN TO FREAK heroes of mine-  these are amazing beings who are expressing so many of their amazing multitudes.    Meet Adeline.  She is a cooperative salon owner who never ceases to amaze me with her trailblazing creativity.  She is… Read More

Animal totems-  or the art of receiving messages from wild animals truly saved me during a time in my life when I had to find my way in the dark.  I am eternally grateful to the Beasties for their love and guidance.  I'm sharing an excerpt from my book with the intention that it illuminate… Read More

I ADORE new beginnings and the New Year is one of my favorite times.  For years,  I made resolutions I couldn't keep.   Several months into each new year,  I'd feel I had let myself down.  It wasn't that my dreams were was the energy I approached them with.   It was PUSH and… Read More

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I am not a pie in the sky person. I’m a realist with 4 real kids, a real husband, 2 real dogs and a "real life" – it’s just that my reality has shifted. I am a Board-Certified physician who left my pathology practice in order to live out my destiny as... LEARN MORE