Discover your core Beastie and get TIPS to feel good from an Elephant here!!

Needing Clarity? Try this!

Hello fellow creators of WONDER and magic!

One thing we all need at times is clarity and guidance. Our options can be pretty confusing- should I go LEFT or RIGHT?  What IS my calling?  How do I bring harmony to the inner turmoil I am feeling about X?  You know I am a fan of seeking out a spirit guide for yourself-they can help A LOT!

Maybe you already have a guide? Touching base with them is a very good idea when you are struggling with anything.  There’s another way to ask for help that I have found powerful.  You can do it every day until you find a solution or you can do it once and see what happens?  Check out the video I made here (9 minutes!) CLICK ON THE IMAGE TO VIEW.

I could also really use your help with something!

If you’d be willing to be a part of the launch team for my new book (spreading the news in feel good ways)- it would mean the WORLD to me.  If YES- please JOIN THE CREW here.

I thank you from the bottom of my elephant loving heart!


Ready to receive support on a big shift you are ready to make?  Let’s work together!

P.S.  A nice review of Swimming with Elephants From Foreward Reviews:

Emotional and spiritual awakening are at the core of Sarah Bamford Seidelmann’s memoir about her transition from medical doctor to shamanic healer. The title, Swimming with Elephants, refers to one of the powerful spiritual journeys that Seidelmann takes with Alice, her animal spirit guide, who appears in the form of a happy and supportive pachyderm. Alice is at Sarah’s side soon after she realizes that dealing with sickness all day while juggling a family of four kids is simply not working for her. What calls to her instead is much less mainstream.

Told with a mix of humor, raw honesty, and gentleness, Swimming with Elephants is a journey of healing. Though becoming a shamanic healer is at the core of the book, it’s about much more than just this one route to becoming whole. Seidelmann’s struggles will be familiar to anyone who has tried to balance a career with family and personal fulfillment. What stands out is Seidelmann’s unique way of bucking tradition and finding her own way.

Preorder THE BOOK here:)🌸🌸🌸🐘🐘🐘

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Discover your core Beastie and get TIPS to feel good from an Elephant here!!

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