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March 2013

I have been noticing a STRONG urge lately to say-  rip out all of the kitchen cabinets, repaint every room in the house, buy a new shower curtain and toss every item out my closet.  If you were born to FREAK like me you may get these episodes of "jonesing" too.  Strong cravings for change...even… Read More

I recently returned from an amazing 21 day expedition into India- to the Kumbha Mela- the largest human pilgrimage on earth.   There were reportedly 30 million people present in a 7 sq. mile area on one of the days we were there.  I will never forget the kindness, curiousity (in us!) , the beauty… Read More

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I am not a pie in the sky person. I’m a realist with 4 real kids, a real husband, 2 real dogs and a "real life" – it’s just that my reality has shifted. I am a Board-Certified physician who left my pathology practice in order to live out my destiny as... LEARN MORE

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