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November 2011

MY NEW BOOK -  now available at AMAZON or Barnes and  ...PLEASE Demand it (gently & non-violently, of course) at your local library or  indie bookstore:)  I hope you LOVE it! Walrus Turns Physician into Author November 2011 | What the Walrus Knows, by author Sarah Seidelmann, invites readers to join in the fun… Read More

W A R N I N G: The act of simply reading a report like this can cause an immediate FEEL GOOD- so please proceed with abandon. DATA COLLECTED FROM: highly vortextual individuals (SELF-selected) Correlation: top 3 methods are highly correlated with a p value greater than 1 giga-bajillion (>1.0 GBJ). And that’s seriously for… Read More

Written originally for and posted at Mom Gets A Life I am a physician, a mom to 4 fantastic kids, a wife, a friend and (now) a writer, coach and entrepreneur.  I am married to another physician who is equally as diversified in his energetic portfolio.  Part of my mission in life has been to… Read More

Following your FEEL GOOD is the fastest way to change your own life and the world! Rolling around on the grass. Drinking the green stuff. Humans being authentic. Lighting up the dance floor. Dreaming at the mile high level. Yoga acrobatics. Getting your own apples. Discovering a hunk of long lost cookie dough. Getting your… Read More

I loved the story of Virgina who was not sure if she should believe in Santa. I believe that every object, human, blade of grass is spirited, sourced and capable of impacting my FEEL GOOD. You may have experienced this subtly, the last time you cleaned out a drawer and felt kind of jazzed or… Read More

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I am not a pie in the sky person. I’m a realist with 4 real kids, a real husband, 2 real dogs and a "real life" – it’s just that my reality has shifted. I am a Board-Certified physician who left my pathology practice in order to live out my destiny as... LEARN MORE

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